Contract Fabric Blinds

Any person who has spent some time shopping for home décor furniture or fabric has likely come across the term ‘contract.’ Often, this is a term used in reference to commercial space design. Fabrics using this name are those intended for use in commercial markets.
While contract fabrics may be designed for use in restaurants, hotels, lobbies, and doctor’s offices, they can still be used in a home setting. The use of contract fabrics is considered by some to be a great way of discovering unique designs in textiles deemed to be exceptionally durable.
For instance, some like them for their ability to withstand fading even repeated exposure to potent cleaning using bleach as well as to the sunrays. This is what makes them ideal for use in areas such as family rooms, kitchens, and children’s playrooms.
Also, their patterns are likely to differ from what you are used to finding in normal fabric shops.




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