Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a better option for homeowners who aren’t interested or impressed by the mechanism of the Venetian blinds. Rather than include rotating slats, these blinds come with a fabric that pulls down and rolls up to cover your windows.
The fabric is wrapped around a pole used to attach each blind to a window frame. It’s possible to pull down the blinds when looking to cover the windows by pulling on a string located at the bottom of each blind. The string often comes with a bead or small loop at it’s end.
Every blind comes with a locking mechanism intended to prevent it from rolling up until the string has been manually pulled down to release it. You get to choose from different fabrics depending on your preferred furnishing style.

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Roller Blinds from Fabric Box

The roller blind collection from Fabric Box brings together in perfect balance, tones, palettes, design, and textures. Resulting in a comprehensive range that offers an amazing amount of choice when selecting the perfect window or door covering.

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